Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe


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what the fuck

this is the scariest shit i’ve ever seen in my life

This is so cool. Eat Otomo Yoshihide’s heart out.

I’m used to associating this sort of heavy creepy distortion type audio as being achieved by internal studio mixing. Picking sections, warping them, reversing, repeating, all that sort of thing done with the board tools and programming suites. I didn’t stop to think that the same sort of effects could be achieved PHYSICALLY by fucking with the playback tools and the storage mediums themelves. It’s incredibly clever, especially when they introduce the cut-apart and reconstructed vinyl platters, it becomes the audio equivalent of cut-paste collaging or magnetic poetry. It takes something as ethereal and insubstantial as music, and makes it as tangible as sculpture.


It’s some serious physical turntable hacking; the tone arm with dual needles top and bottom and all that is cool. But yes, traditionally in studio you’d do this with tape loops (like the Beatles’ Revolution Number 9, and the entire Musique Concrete genre) - sometimes you’d improvise; early Public Enemy used literal long tape loops wrapped around a mic stand off the reel-to-reel decks.

Album Art


Flight of the Conchords - Foux Du Fafa (2008)

ArtistFlight of the Conchords
TitleFoux Du Fafa
AlbumFlight of the Conchords

You always stop at the same part, when it’s very beautiful and interesting.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Nick De Morgoli, 1953

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Nick De Morgoli, 1953

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Record Store Day

I really want to like Record Store Day. Great way to promote music and indie brick and mortar record stores. In theory. In practice it really is just “record reseller day.” Chances of you getting what you’d like at the store are slim to nonexistent even if you line up early.

I’m already seeing items resold on eBay and discogs at huge markups. Minutes after stores opened on the East Coast. Kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

The indie record stores get to start a brief feeding frenzy at a corner of their store and be a glorified middle man for a day. Yay?!?